Controlpad provides a comprehensive eCommerce and direct sales platform designed to help you sell more. With flexible payment options and small processing fees, we only make money when you make money.

Logistics Manager

Manage your production management, inventory control, and integrated point-of-sale from one convenient platform.  Controlpad logistics is more flexibility and powerful than traditional SaaS solutions.  

User Management

Extend web portal accounts to your entire network, like Fortune 500 companies do. From admin, employee to customer accounts, launch professional dashboards, CRM, notifications system, buying history, eWallets and more.  

Best-in-Class Service

Our customer service programs are one of the most impressive solutions included with the Controlpad software business suite.  We believe people invest in people, not software.  

Cloud Hosting

Controlpad cloud services makes it easy to setup, operate, and scale a relational database in the cloud. From heavy duty image and product galleries to native mobile app SDK’s, we have you covered.  

Web Management

YES… Controlpad software also includes a fully integrated web CMS with a web template manger, WYSIWYG builder, replicated sites, unlimited product stores, to name a few.

Access to Code

The greatest threat to using a SaaS competitor is not having access to backend code when you out grow their solution.  Controlpad offers simple extended licenses designed to keep you in the driver seat. 

Are you intrigued?  Great, let’s show you the Demo!  Watch Video