CHAMP Outdoors

Manage and Grow your Subsidiaries, Franchises and Local Chapters with CHAMP
CHAMP is our new powerful tool for the Outdoor Community. It is a powerfull tool for Membership Registration and Management, Fundraising, Banquets/Events and Ticket Sales, Point of Sale app for quick check-in and check-out, Affiliate Product Sales and much more.
CHAMP offers adventure financing and has a robust Affiliate Marketplace to generate revenue from product sales..

The Power of ControlPad and CHAMP

Connect Your Apps for Cross-platform Synchronization

A Middleware software layer resides between two systems that makes it easy for the two to communicate and is considered the glue that holds together applications, making seamless connectivity possible without requiring the two applications to communicate directly.  Controlpad’s payment manager (Payman) API can transform your business into a streamlined payment engine.  Controlpad boasts:

  • Security: Authenticates a particular client program to some system component to verify, for example, that the client program and its user are really who they say they are.
  • Transaction management: Ensures that a system or database don’t get corrupted if problems occur.
  • Message queues: Enables loosely coupled systems to pass messages back and forth to each other. Those messages can trigger actions or transactions to occur.
  • Split-pay | Business credit logic: A server that hosts general ledger application which processes payment data using shared logic and processes.
  • eWallet server: A server program that’s responsible for accepting requests for business credit, open balances, refunds, and more.
  • Inventory Directory: Enables a client program to find other services or servers located in a distributed enterprise.

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