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Why choose Controlpad?

  • Startup package: Launch your business faster! Take advantage of our Direct Sales Express software package that can be deployed in just a few days, not months.
  • Custom Development:  Are you a seasoned organization that needs an extra feature? We can custom-tailor our software to your business needs.
  • Use It Anywhere: Our cloud-based, mobile application replaces your outdated, expensive software.
  • Rapid Technical Support: We know that time is money. At Controlpad, it will never take weeks to receive support.  You will have access to a Controlpad Tech Expert, who really cares about your business.
  • Rich User-Experience: One of the biggest struggles for software companies is balancing ease-of-use while also providing robust, valuable features.  Controlpad has perfected that balance.

Commissions Engine

Use the world’s fastest commissions engine.

  • Rocket Fast Results.   Process 1 million users and 1 million receipts in under 4 minutes.
  • Test Multiple Commission Plans.   Our rules-based system can accommodate multiple commission based structures.
  • Advancement.   Allow teams to see when they will advance.

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